Sunday, February 20, 2011

Iris 瞳光 Online ♥

A impressive graphic and new 3D online game that just opened last year. It took Game Master 4 years to create this game. And now. It's population is all over the world xD !!

It took me a long time to download it. But it's worth. Sis introduced me to this game (thanks sis although you say you regretted) and bro play it too. Cause of boring lacking Nov and Dec holiday, so i started to join in.

It's been a log time since i back to the world of online game. Last online game i played is Maple Story i think. Well, that's been 2 years ago. But my skills on it haven't fully been erased. I'm still mastered in long distance, high speed character. It is same in the past, so do in future. I have no problem on managing it ; )

I created a gunner, which it state is short HP and MP, high speed, high accurate, long distance attacker, supporter in war. Which is quite same to my ex-character in Maple Story--Assassin. Now i trained her until lv42. Max level until Iris now is lv65. She's in a guild called "Fairy Tail", well that guild is quite good =) met many funny people in there.

2nd character is a warrior two-handed sword, i create a guy la, cause sis force to do so. I don't really like to play this character, now i just use him as backup and item storage xD His state is long HP short MP, high attack, high defend, short distance attacker, attacker in war. the reason i quite abandon this character because I'm not used to short distance attack and low speed ==!! He actually is in a guild called "曙光森林" but he was kicked out seem i didn't on for long.

3rd character as known as latest character, is a girl healer. Quite love this character but if comparing with my main character i love gunner more. Until now I just train her to lv10 because of short of time since I'm more focus on gunner, and I create her quite late almost 2010 year end. So her state is quite like this : Long HP and MP, high healing power, high magic defend, long distance attacker (actually is not counted as attacker cause she just have 2 attack skill and others all healing and buffing skills), supporter/defender in war (healer is alway popular in war/fb/mission). She's in a guild called "无间道", which a friend called "魂泣" as guild master. 

More about my character
  • hard to train so not much gunner in game (limited edition xD)
  • not too useful in fb except for fb40+
  • very easy to die so need to manage with extra care
  • all state are not really good except for speed 

  • easy to train so it's very popular job
  • useful in every fb : tanker as fb15~30, attacker as fb40~50
  • a very good killer in war
  • it don't really have many weakness but i just hate it low speed ==!!

  • most hard to train cause its values of hatred is most highest among all jobs, when it heals its values of hatred increases, healer in Iris is the most popular job but very less people do it.
  • healer may not be needed in fb15 or 25, but fb30+ it's an indispensable. The death or win of a group is all depending on the the healer (can you imagine how important it is?!)
  • an indispensable character in war. *but i tried before if your team have enough high-leveled tanker and attacker, healer is not really necessary, but manage your character's HP with extra care.
  • It don't have much attack skills so it can't really protect itself when attacked by enemy except healing itself. This character can consider as "can't solo ever". The reason healer is hard to train because values of hatred is too high and always attract too much enemy a the same time, when it heals, the condition become worst.
Fairy Tail
  • my main in de guild
  • lv39
  • Guild master is "幻觉" a maxed-level healer
  • always go fb if enough people online
  • quite helpful and funny guild cause they always chat funny things
  • knew many good friends like 晶子,枫狼,Kim,魂泣,salad,仙女,puisan and etc...
  • Jing Jong is also in this guild, he is a attacker mage.

  • my healer de guild
  • lv42
  • Guild master is "魂泣" a lv52+ two-handed sword warrior
  • go fb very very often (sometimes my main join them)
  • very active and also funny they seemed very interested to me and think i'm guild master's... (lol ==!!)
  • also met many good friends like 冰帝,寒心 and etc...
  • Kwong Wen is in this guild, he is a gunner too. (copy cat!)
Well... I think I'll introduce some interesting things about Iris in my next update. Whao what a long post is this xD Good luck on everyone! ♥

P/S: for more information, please visit to Iris 瞳光 Online Officially Web 官方网站

This is Iris Magician + healer de skills.

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